Rated-R – Comic ShopTalk 06’19 (166)

TJ and Drac sat down with some new audio equipment and recorded an episode about Spider-man, Batman, Spider-man and Deadpool, Batman’s butler, Spider-man and Wolverine, Keanu, Spider-man and Carnage, and finally He-Man.

00:22 – Start
00:58 – Marvel’s New Mutants: War Children
03:16 – Dark Pheonix is out, and we haven’t seen it
08:59 – Six Batman villains in the next Bat-flick?
17:03 – Spider-Man!
19:04 – Speaking of team-ups… Deadpool and Spidey anyone?
25:56 – Marvel Comics Teasing Spider-man FF4 team-up
29:43 – Keanu breathtaking as Wolverine?
34:32 – The show no one asked for maybe even wants? (Pennyworth)
43:04 – Marvel wants shops to throw an “Absolute Carnage” party
44:44 – Noah Centinao “bulking” up for He-man Role
47:28 – Wrapping Up

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Music provided by Argofox: A Himitsu – Adventures

Rated-R – Comic ShopTalk 06’19 (166)

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