Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 11’17 (093)

CCP Restructuring covered by Bamm, and Comic Shop Talk with Draconusx and TJ Shevlin!


News: CCP Games

Recently CCP Games announced they were restructuring the organization, along with moving away from VR for a little while, and our very own Bamm Havoc takes a look at everything that’s been going on.

? http://www.mbl.is/vidskipti/frettir/2017/10/30/syndarveruleikinn_settur_a_is_hja_ccp/
? https://forums.evevalkyrie.com/t/london-eve-meet/6696


Comic Shop Talk

  • Boom’s WWE Comic #13
  • Cities as Characters in Comics
  • Stranger Things 2
  • Capt America #695
  • Shazam! Casting News
  • Current run on Detective Comics
  • Bendis moves to DC

Hit play below, or head over to YouTube, where we’ve included a bit of DUST514 footage, and some Fortnite: Battle Royale to go with all the talking!

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Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 11’17 (093)

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