Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 11’16 (044)

Stuff happened, and then Draconus found himself (almost) all alone on the podcast this week, talking about comics with TJ!

❄︎ Google discloses major Microsoft Bug
❄︎ Google’s A.I. learning to self-encrypt
❄︎ San Diego Scientists create self-healing electric-conducting material.
❄︎ Young Justice Season 3!

Comic Shop Talk:
TJ is back again, talking about all the new comic-related stuff they could sanely squeeze into an episode without boring people!
❄︎ Wonder Woman Trailer – The savior of the DC film universe?
❄︎ Lego Batman and Rogue One Trailers
❄︎ Star Trek Next Generation/Alien Crossover.
❄︎ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Service (TV-Show).
❄︎ Dr Strange Movie – We saw it, here are our thoughts.

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Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 11’16 (044)

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