Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 09’16 (037)

It’s one of them there Comic Shop Talk episodes!

✧ Apple Phone and Watch stuff
✧ PS4Pro presented on the Playstation Meeting
✧ No Fallout4/Skyrim mods for the Playstations
✧ Dual Universe on Kickstarter is Internet LEGO according to Bamm
✧ Abatron on Kickstarter is Chess w/ FPS mechanics

Comic Shop Talk
60’s Batman Animated Feature
✧ Watchmen Scribe Alan Moore set to retire.
Ghost Rider on AoS
Ryan Potter Campaigns to be Tim Drake in Justice League
✧ Black Lightning TV Series
✧ New team of heroes in the Marvel Universe, Champions.

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Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 09’16 (037)

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