Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 08’17 (082)

Solar Eclipse safety, Redtube tubes, and Kickstarters! Then Paragon v42, and finally Comic Shop Talk with guest-host Dani!



Paragon v42:

Epic Games have released the latest update to their Free-To-Play MOBA, Paragon, and Bamm Havoc really needed to express his opinion about it!


Comic Shop Talk w/ Guest Host: Dani!

TJ and Draconusx are back talking about all the things going on in the world of Comic Books, and this time they’ve added extra neediness to the mix!

If you want to know more about Danielle:
? https://daniellesdialogue.wordpress.com/
? http://www.playertwopr.com/
? http://darksidedetective.com/

For that special YouTube experience, click right here to enjoy this episode along with footage from the convention-floor of San Diego Comic-Con, trailers from the Kickstarters we mentioned, as well as both some “Yet Another Zombie Defence” and Paragon V42.

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Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 08’17 (082)

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