Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 08’16 (032)

It’s the usual news-stuff, and then Drac and TJ are back to talk about comics!

◆ Halo TV Show in the works still?
◆ Drone Racing, new spectator sport?
◆ Facebook building solar planes to provide internet to remote locations.
Metroid just turned 30
◆ HTC complaining that Sony PSVR pricing is too complex
◆ Suicide Squad Theme for PS4 only available in the US with pre-order

Comic Shop Talk:
In their recurrent segment, TJ and Draconus talk about comic-book stuff, and completely go nerd-stalgia over old movies!
Hulu Documentary on Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger
◆ 30th anniversary for Transformers: The Movie
◆ 29th anniversary for Masters of the Universe (Movie)
◆ Kamala Khan to show up in Avengers cartoon.
◆ Superman to show up in Supergirl TV show.
◆ Suicide Squad (Movie)

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Rated-R – Comic Shop Talk 08’16 (032)

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