Rated-R – Comic Shop Blabber (199)

In what is most certainly not a Comic Shop Talk episode, Bamm and Drac talk about things that would normally go into a Comic Shop Talk episode with their usual convictions!

01:22 – Start
03:15 – Marvel vs DC
05:50 – The Joker
12:12 – Why Ironman vs Cap works and Batman vs Superman doesn’t
15:52 – Wonder Woman should have kickstarted the DCEU
16:57 – World building, why DCEU fails where Marvel has been so successful.
19:35 – Iron Man vs The Mandarin and the Science vs Magic subtext
20:59 – Wonder Woman was great except…
25:12 – Teen Titans live action vs cartoon
29:04 – He-man movie, happening?
31:19 – She-ra “Capt Planet” Cartoon
32:38 – Animated He-man series on Netflix
37:51 – Young Justice and DC animated vs live action
40:59 – Bamm’s Movie Pitch to reboot the DCEU
57:20 – Outro

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Music provided by Argofox: A Himitsu – Adventures

Rated-R – Comic Shop Blabber (199)

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