Rated-R – Chribba Veldspar Is a Hugger (018)

This time around we talk to Chribba about EvE, Fanfest and his EvE related websites… and cuddling.
In the news we look at pirating 3d print designs, coding for kids organised by nintendo, netflix pricing increase, the rogue one trailer, reddit blocking tools and oculus being a data kraken. We’re also talking about RuneScapes 15 year anniversary and how Tesla is supposedly building a car factory in France.
Finally, Bamm and Draconus talking about sending Bammsters into space via Femto satellites.


New technique for pirating from 3D printers!
– Nintendo partners with the library of San Francisco to teach kids how to code
– Netflix pricing increase
Rogue One Trailer
– Reddit launches block tool
– the Oculus Data Kraken Oculus brings real (and pervasive) data-mining to virtual reality
– RuneScapes 15 year anniversary From MUD to MMOG: The making of RuneScape
– Tesla building factory in France

Tiny Satellites: 

Bamm and Draconus talk about teeny tiny satellites made by the Arizona State University and how to get people to pay for sending Bamm… uhm… a Bammsters broadcasting satellite into space.

Special Guests: Chribba
The owner of sites like eve-files.com, eve-search.com, eveboard.com and eve-offline.net as well as the soon to be irrelevant dustboard.com and dustsearch.com graces us with his presence and subjects himself to Bamms relentless questionings about swedes and hugs. Oh and G is also present 😉

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Rated-R – Chribba Veldspar Is a Hugger (018)

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