Rated-R – But, What Can You Do? (065)

Time to look at an upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG with a robot-cat, as we sit down with Anna from PORT5 to talk KAPIA.
Before that, news about Star Wars, Starfighter, Nintendo Switch hacking, Subnautica multiplayer, Fallout 4 VR and smartphone rehab!

Special Guest: Anna/PORT5 and KAPIA
Anna, one half of the Wife-And-Husband duo behind the studio PORT5, joins us this week to talk about their upcoming game KAPIA Episode 1, the art-style in the game, and the real-life inspirations for the setting, including Latvia and especially Riga.
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, with everyone living under domes, KAPIA takes a funny look at life in communities, and interesting takes on problem-solving in a serious setting with cats in robotic suits!
KAPIA is still in development, with a Q3’17 release-window in it sights!
Find out more on their Facebook page and Twitter!
Catch this episode, including some early KAPIA footage, over on YouTube!
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Rated-R – But, What Can You Do? (065)

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