Rated-R – A Trumpster Fire (086)

Simple one this week : Destiny is driving the Yo Jolly Roger up some walls, and then Bamm wanted to talk about Hurricanes …


Destiny 2

Yup, our very own Jolly Roger has been trying to play his PS4 copy of Destiny 2, but instead have been memorising PS4 Pro error-codes.


Various Bla-bla

After Jolly’s little rant, Bamm and G joined him to talk about everything and nothing, from hurricanes to Trump to North Korea, to SpaceX space-suits …

Yeah, we’re not sure what happened either.

You can listen to the episode below, or click this link to get the YouTube version which includes some game-footage from Destiny 2 (PS4 version).

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Rated-R – A Trumpster Fire (086)

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