Rated-R – 418 I’m A Teapot (108)

Last minute change of plans, this week ended up being Draconusx and PFC Calico talking video-gaming news and rumours, and ends with a reaction to the proposed Joker Origins movie possibly being based on The Killing Joke!


  • Like some giant overpowered blob, Bethesda absorbs Battlecry Studios.
  • Northgard releases from early access with single player campaign
  • Mount and blade 2: bannerlord delayed, abandoned?
  • Revamping classic titles
    • Battletech releases april 2018
    • Mechwarrior 5: mercs Q4 2018
  • Defiance 2050 Beta Sign-ups
  • Rimworld next big patch v1.0
  • No Microtransactions in State of Decay 2 (releases May 22nd)
  • Fortnite is going to be Cross-play all over the place!
  • Joker Backstory film

Hit the play-button below, or head over to YouTube to catch some Northgard gameplay while you enjoy this episode.!
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Rated-R – 418 I’m A Teapot (108)

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