Rated-R – Movies, Bad Mics and More (003)

In our very 1st Christmas episode we talk about the recent attacks on Game Services, about VR Headset and Movies ..

We discuss a few upcoming (and 1 recent) movie, that everyone else already talked about, and fail at being decent human beings…

We then have a report from our Senior Foreign Correspondent, Booker DaLooker, who reports in on the 3 biggest VR Headsets currently in the pipeline for 2016.

Finally, Over the Christmas, there was (again) an attack on various online game-services (EA, Steam, PSN and Xbox Live) as well as the issues at Steam.

YouTube version

Links to different topics from the discussion:
* Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Batfleck, Supes and Wonderwoman
* Star Trek: Beyond – next Star Trek movie
* Deadpool – So much wrong, so right
* Norse Corp – see attacks in real-time

Rated-R – Movies, Bad Mics and More (003)

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