Rated-R – Is There Anybody Out There? (062)

The Fermi Paradox questions why we’re not seeing a universe teeming with life, and Black Hive Media’s new game Kova explores this notion as we sit down to chat with them.
Also this episode, Drac and Ibn look at new games coming out in April!

Future Proof w/ Ibn & Drac


Special Guest: Black Hive Media / KOVA

Mandy and Blake from Black Hive Media joins us this week, as they are preparing to launch their Kickstarter Campaign for their upcoming game Kova, where you play as Kova Rimor, a space mercenary on her way to the next payday.
Bamm and G sit down with them to talk about the game, Steam Greenlight, Chibi Chaingun and old games that might have inspired them.

Kova is up on Steam Greenlight right now, and will be on Kickstarter starting from the 28th of March!

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Rated-R – Is There Anybody Out There? (062)

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