Episode #135 – Space Scurvy

This week we got a chance to chat with the Devs working on Space Scavenger, a difficult but intuitive spaceship building rouge-lite shooter with some fun visuals and a great soundtrack. But first up listen to Bamm babble about… *looks for notes*… well… *throws up hands*… something.

News: CCP Sale

Bamm Havoc is alone this week, and recaps the latest news and reactions to the sale of CCP Games.

Special Guests: Red Cabin Games / Space Scavengers

We’re joined by Jacob Selg and Jonas Holgersson from Red Cabin Games, who are working on their first title: Space Scavengers!
Jacob & Jonas were at Gamescom 2018, showing off their hard work at the Swedish booth, and we couldn’t help but throw invites at them – the game looks like good fun!
For more information, check out their website, AND their discord which might have a link to the latest build of the game…
Website: http://www.spacescavengergame.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/HMdymx8


For some Space Scavengers gameplay, check out the YouTube version.
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Episode #135 – Space Scurvy

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