Episode #134 – Nighthawk Dani

We have Richard Cobbett of the Nighthawks kickstarter on the show, but just as importantly, Dani is back! It’s also been a week of people reflecting on the news of Telltale Games, and Drac and Bamm look back at it.

News: Telltale Games

00:09 – Bamm and Drac talk about Telltale Games’s situation and past games.

Special Guest: Richard Cobbett / Nighthawks KS

07:58 – Nighthawks Kickstarter campaign.
Fans of Vampires, RPGs, and excellent story-telling, Nighthawks might just be the game for you!
Richard Cobbett, the lead developer and writer behind Nighthawks joins us for a talk about the game, kickstarter campaigns, and some of Richard’s past work.
As a special treat for everyone, Dani is back, this time as a special Guest Host for the interview.
🔗 Richard’s Twitter : @richardcobbett
🔗 Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/753131002/nighthawks-the-vampire-rpg-0
🔗 Dani’s Twitter : @DaniWoodford
🔗 Studiu ZA/UM and Disco Elysium : @studioZAUM
You can listen to the episode below, or catch it on YouTube here, along with some War In The North footage and a brief look at the Nighthawk demo.

Episode #134 – Nighthawk Dani

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