Rated-R – Power-Con 2016 (025)

An episode dedicated to Power-Con 2016, as Draconus and TJ spent 2 days talking to He-Man celebrities, and looking at toys!
● Sony showing stuff as E3, including a projector that Bamm wants, but NOT the PS4 Neo.
● Microsoft Hololens Dev Edition shipping!
● Twitter hack-sauce going around, 32 million accounts affected.
● Facebook now supporting 360-degree photos, for some reason.
● New Conan game coming out, as a survival game, coming out in Early Access in September!
● GTX 1070 Founders Edition Cards are out, perhaps wait till price comes down some, but still great card for a good price.
● Watchdog 2 Trailer released – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh9x4NqW0Dw
FUPA is the follow-up to Where’s The Fair Use, and not about pubic areas
Power-con 2016:Power-Con
Draconus and TJ went to Power-con, a small convention dedicated to He-Man and She-Ra.
They enjoyed the event, and talk about their experiences with it and reminisce about Masters Of The Universe!
Getting to talk to voice-actors from the cartoons was an absolute high for the team:
● Alan Oppenheimer (Skeletor & Man-at-Arms)
● Melendy Britt (She-Ra)
● Gabe Kouth (Orko & Mekaneck (2002))
● Brian Dobson (Skeletor (2002))
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Rated-R – Power-Con 2016 (025)

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