One More Night Review

One More Night is a top-down, single or cooperative-multiplayer, undead-wave-slaying-shooter.  You can certainly play this game on your own if you wish, though due to the difficulty at times it certainly is nice to have another person or 3 in the match with you.  There are also some RPG elements with regards to powering up your character as you level, as well as some minor base building or tower defense aspects to the game which you can make use of in an attempt to extend your survivability.  

Each round takes place during the night time when the undead rise from their earthly tombs and attempt to claw you to pieces simply because you are still alive…Pretty rude of them if you ask me, I mean can’t a guy just step out for an ice cream cone? *blam blam* I guess not.  

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Gameplay consists of you running around for dear life attempting to avoid the claws and jaws of the undead chasing after you while simultaneously slowing them down by filling them up with hot lead.  Run and gun and hope you don’t let those buggers get too close as they will shred your skin into bloody ribbons.  Each corpse or specter you kill also drops some gold which you then run around to collect and it can be used to buy ammo, new and improved weapons, walls, and even some defenses that shoot back at the undead hoard.  The creatures you return to the icy dark embrace of death will also sometimes drop power-ups in the form of health, ammo, speed and rate of fire though you won’t always want to pick these up right away as the effects are generally time-limited.  Keep in mind each night you’re fighting off the pack of clawing munchers that you’re working within the confines of a time limit, when the time is up you begin to lose health to a poisonous fog that eats away at your lungs (health), so don’t dawdle when putting those filthy ghouls down.  


Once night is over and the sun comes out you have a limited time to level up your character, choosing between things like increased health, speed, or damage (and more), spending your cash on ammo and weapons or buying the walls and turrets and choosing their placement.  Though if I’m being honest I felt the walls and turrets really worked best as a distraction more than really allowed you to create any kind of sustainable defenses as there wasn’t one time when I built something that they didn’t destroy it soon after night began.  Now that might have been because I was playing by myself and it is difficult to stay in range of those items and defend them while also running for one’s life offering up lead poisoning to the things that were chasing after me attempting to take a bite out of my hindquarters.


While the game itself is still in early access and there are a few bugs I’ve noticed, overall it plays well.  The developers are pretty active on their discord channel and on the development of the game adding new weapons and bug fixing.  There is only one map though (a graveyard), it is split in to various sections that you open up by unlocking in exchange for the cash you earn and unlocking those areas are what get you access to better weapons, defenses and other upgrades.  While certainly appropriate, I’m hoping there will be other maps added in the future like a city and/or farmland that will help to mix things up a bit.



Design:  7

I would like to see the walls and turrets be able to survive longer than they do as they just don’t feel very useful right now other than helping to give you some breathing room at the start of a level, beyond that the controls and game are pretty basic, straightforward and easy to learn.  We did attempt to bribe the developer with freshly cooked bacon in an attempt to get them to add some bacony-goodness to the game and have seen some concept art of a bacon cart that may be added in the future so keep an eye out for that!

Challenge:  8

One More Night can be very challenging.  On the one hand you can just run away from the undead and shoot at them as they follow, but the levels get harder and the creatures that come at you get harder to kill plus if you play Coop then it spawns even more enemies to compensate for the added player(s).

Fun:  7

I’m not typically a fan of games that have endless waves coming at you as I typically start to get bored of the repetitive nature of the gameplay, but having played this a few times now I can see how this can be fun to play especially with a group. It certainly gets the adrenaline going at times!

Replay:  8

There is an RPG aspect to it so figuring out just how to advance your character different ways for ‘maximum effort’ will be fun for some, while others that just want to hop in and take down a horde of undead will find this entertaining as well.  Much more replay value to be had when playing with friends.

Price:  10

Game is currently $4.99 on Steam and you can get hours of entertainment out of it especially with a group of friends.

Overall Score:  8.0 out of 10.

Drac just wants to play games on his PC (and occasionally a console), but somehow found himself roped in writing and talking about them as well. Don’t expect anything high-brow though, Drac is just your “common man” gamer and he speaks from that perspective.