No-Aim Bow!

No-Aim Dread


Having to actually aim your bow in Warframe is just too much hassle!

So, here is a simply fitting for the Dread, to allow you to mostly not bother with the whole aiming, or really drawing back the string – just shoot, and make booms!

Using the Thunderbolt mod to make the arrows explosive, and then Split Chamber, seems to make get it up to around 50% chance of explosions. Serration, Point Strike and Vital Sense helps getting the damage up when it doesn’t explode, but since I’m not seeing any damage-values from the explosions I cannot say whether they actually help with the explosion-damages.

Many shots wont explode, so at times it may be a question of spamming shots despite the low ammo-count of the bows. To work around this, bringing Ammo Drum to avoid running out too quickly.

On lower-to-medium levels it works just fine against most enemies, though I’m still needing to try it out at higher level enemies – it is not exactly a fitting to bring into T3/T4 missions in the void!

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