Its Good to Share

Now I may have mentioned before that I am a busy man, so sometimes it takes me a little while to check new and interesting stuff out. A good example of this slow burning approach is my burgeoning love affair with the PS4 Share button.

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It all started very coyly, an innocent dabbling that resulted in nothing more than some poorly posed photos of my Guardian in front of the Traveller. But it didn’t stop there, in retrospect it never could, but I was naive, I thought I was in control.

The first sign that Share and I would not be able to stay apart for long was discovering it’s easy link to Twitter. One tick of the correct option box and my poorly posed Guardian was in the public domain!! I could feel my control slipping, Share was so intoxicating to be with! I could feel myself being sucked into a wild vortex of vanity and self publication but it felt so good!

More bad posing followed but Share didn’t care, it never criticized, just did everything I asked of it, the perfect partnership. So then it was time to take our relationship to the next level……streaming. Share was as giving as it always is, gently introducing me to this new medium of expression, never forceful, always accommodating. Always there for me even when after hours of streaming my viewers peaked at 2 and was usually zero.

Then came the fateful night  I decided to come out fully, when Share eased me carefully towards the twitter notification tick box and suddenly I had eleven viewers! Eleven!! I was literally an internet sensation, a legend in my own lunchtime and all because Share let me shine in the spotlight while taking no credit itself.

Well there is no going back now, I have committed myself fully to Share and we are happy together. Our time getting to know each other has led to our first youtube lovechild, a spur of the moment posting when somehow against all logic I headed the leaderboard in a Destiny Crucible match, a feat so rare I immediately reached for share and it worked its magic and now we have that 12 minute moment to cherish forever.