Introductions Please


Most of you guys know me as BAMM HAVOC and for those of you that don’t, sit down take a load off, have a beer and enjoy this site and awesomeness that is going to hit you in your face parts. But enough about this site and its content, I’m supposed to be scribbling down stuff about myself, well about me ….

I am a beer-fueled, bacon sustained gamer and I do enjoy a good laugh and giggle with my fellow gamer buddies. I really do enjoy games, gaming and discussing the various topics that crop up be it design, play style, choice of weapon and even the debate: Gameplay vs Graphics. Fair warning:I do tend to become slightly opinionated after a few frosty beverages.  For our efforts, Booker and I were given a DUST514 community spotlight thanks to CCP Eterne and CCP Mintchip; some how they made sense of our crazed ramblings. We also got the chance to interview CCP Saberwing behind the Great Fire Wall of China in a 3 part series The Chicken Wing Chronicles .

I started my YouTubing hobby as I thought it was a cool way to keep myself busy and express myself and my opinions in my own inebriated way. I am thankful for all the subscribers and the comments left by you guys and for what it’s worth, Thank You.

A few of my first videos where of Airsoft and intense night battles in the pitch blackness of an old WW2 Naval Head Quaters run by a company called UCAP. The intensity of these pitched battles is a great way to de-stress and blow off steam. Everyone, from the owners to the marshalls are very friendly and yet very competitive, a great solid environment to enjoy an evening getting shot at.

I have also had the chance to modify my 2007 Subaru WRX STi Limited Edition, something I have been wanting to do for ages, so I finally bit the bullet and handed my pride and joy over the best Subaru garage in the UK, Subaru4you. Graciously the owner of the garage let me film the entire engine rebuild, which amazingly took a week and she has not missed a beat since. Before, the engine had done over a hundred thousand miles and was very a tired example of the STi pedigree, but the guys from Subaru4you soon had her running like a champ.

A fairly busy guy, most of the content created for Youtube I do over the weekend, and, yes I do have a pretty busy weekend airsofting, gaming and causing trouble on various forums. Currently working in retail, something I’m not used to, as in a previous life I worked as a marine engineer for 10 glorious years and loved every minute of it. So yeah nothing much to say, fairly normal if this counts as normal nowadays, some what drunk and always up for a laugh and that is me in a nutshell.