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I’m a pretty busy man, just started a new career, got commitments left right and centre, my spare time is precious. I can only imagine what it must be like for you true hardore gamers out there who have the freedom to game every day to their heart’s content, where capture the flag is not interupted by the need to mow the lawn, or a pivotal cut scene missed because of a loud and insistant demand to walk the bloody dogs sometime today!!

Now dont get me wrong, I love my fiancee, and I mean that,I really do, match made in heaven and all that, but she does not get gaming, not even in the slightest, apart from, and get this, archery on the PS3 game Sports Champions with the PS Move! With all the best will in the world, there is only so much digital archery a man can take in one lifetime so that’s for christmas and special occasions only!

To put this into perspective, I am a long standing gamer. I was around when it was all getting started. I remember the buzz of excitement in my “Compiuter Studies” class as our teacher introduced us to the wonders of the Sinclair ZX80! Learning to code it to make pictures out of the letter X or make a dot bounce around the screen. But this was nothing to the excitement the following year when the ZX81 arrived with not 1K but 2K of RAM, oh the power of it!! If I’ve lost some of you whippersnappers along the way here, just google them, you’ll understand then. So you’re now thinking, holy schmoly, this guy is ancient and although I would hotly deny such an outrageously ageist label, I will be 48 next month and apparently, according to most of the people I know in Real Life, this is far too old to like playing games and I should really probably start to think about growing up a bit and start decorating the hall, no?


Two answers to that statement comes to mind 1) I hate decorating and 2) I love playing games… the math!

Anyway, mild rant over for now, there will be more I am sure as time rolls by. To continue this brief introduction to me, well I’m too long in the tooth for it to be brief so I expect you’ll get the rest in installments. In the meantime I welcome you to this new site where myself and my good friend Bamm will occasionally wax lyrical but mostly talk total codswallop about that which we love the most… And remember if I ever promise you anything, I will always always have my fingers crossed behind my back, so it wont count so there