How to solo ”The Deathsinger” in Crota’s End

Greetings Guardians! This new tutorial shows how to solo the Deathsinger in Crota’s End. No easy task for any Guardian but with a little patience and the right timing this part of the raid can go from one of the toughest to simplest ways to get the good loot, solo.

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To do this solo-trek against The Deathsinger, you will need a sniper-rifle, rocket-launcher and a bit of patience.

First off you need to lure out the Wizards  from either side of the structure where the Deathsinger resides. Then retreat to where Crota stands and snipe them from a safe location.
Once both Wizards are down take out each shriekers both on left and right sides to drop the shield protecting the Deathsinger.

Head over to the left entrance, pop a Heavy Ammo Synthesis and wait til the Deathsinger starts her ”Liturgy of Ruin.” Now you have 30 seconds to kill her. In this time she will be frozen in place chanting. Jump up on top of the ledge above the door in the crystal room and unload as many rockets as quick as you can before the timer runs out.

When she’s finally down, head out of the room and back to your sniping position to take out the rest of the enemies and collect your rewards.