How to Cheese Crota’s End, ”Crossing the Bridge”

Welcome back Guardians! Bamm here, covering another fine piece of cheddar for Crota’s End. In this tutorial we’ll be showing you how to easily cross the abyss without forming the bridge.

For the video from Part 1, Crotas End After-Patch Raid-Cheese, click right here.

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With the small patch released recently in preparation for hard mode, Bungie fixed enemies de-spawning on home side when players stood on top of the boxes at the back of the area.  But this particular cheese has stayed more or  less the same.

You will want to set up your gear to maximise agility, equipping a weapon with bonus to it.

First off, activate the plate near the unformed bridge and take out the Sword Bearer. Once the Knight is down, grab the sword and make your way to the left side of the map, jump up to the circular platform and then hop onto outcrop. Be careful here, as there is an invisible wall of death that you need to navigate your way around.
Face the bridge, jump as high as you can and slash with the sword until your directly over the bridge. As soon as you see the flames beneath your feet turn to the left and keep slashing with your sword until you touch down on the other side.

Once across head to the right, hop up onto a rock and take out those mobs. The 2 totems on either side will glow red, then kill you if you move to far away from them, you’l have to keep an eye on them Be sure to  check your back for Ogres spawning. One will spawn on each side, and when the Ogre spawns on the right your going to have to be quick to take him out. Take you time killing the second on the left, he’s alot easier as he will keep his distance.

When both Ogres are down the bridge will form and that ends this section.