For The King – EA Preview

Early Access Preview

For the king is an early access turn-based RPG game which resembles other RPGs where you walk through a world and face random encounters while working through a storyline to achieve your quests, earn experience, and gather equipment to help you along the way. This game has everything you would hope for in an RPG with sea exploration, dark dungeons with unique challenges, cities to replenish your resources, equipment crafting, special abilities in combat, and lore of the world around you to unlock special classes, skills or equipment.


Gameplay and UI

In the 30 years I’ve been playing these games I’ve never encountered a game precisely like this. The graphics are very impressive, and the way the maps, creatures, and challenge rating you face is altered by the time of day adds to the experience. The combat and animations add to the excitement, with the ability to land devastating special attacks, or watching your hero completely miss an attack and have their weapons shatter in their hands. As you work your way across the world random obstacles appear in your path which provide chances for treasure, experience, or to test your mettle against a unique opponent for special rewards. During the day you experience the world one way but at night you are confronted with a much darker side of the world.

A view of the world in Chaos Level 2 at night.

A view of the world in Chaos Level 2 at night.

I would recommend to anyone playing this game to not get hung up on the idea of a single play through. I was extremely frustrated on my first play-through as the game seemed very hard on the easiest difficulty setting. One particular part of this is that when all the players in your party die, you need to start over at your last save point and try again. You can revive a fallen party member along the way, so that isn’t too bad, but you definitely need to plan ahead and keep your friends close together to survive. The only other thing I would mention is regarding character generation, which doesn’t give you many options at the start and requires you to earn “Lore Points” playing the game to open up various character classes and equipment. As I mention above, I would plan to play this game a few times to get a feel for the gameplay and then pick the character classes you like to play to match your style throughout the game. Be ready for a challenge, because this game will let you know very quickly if you are taking on more than you can handle.



Design: 6
Great overworld design and graphics, combat mechanics and animations are very well done.


Challenge: 7
Extremely challenging for a Turn-based RPG. With a world that is changing around the clock, there is never enough time to conquer each one and if you try to take on too much you could die and be forced to start over again from the beginning of the game. This is explained before you start the game, but it’s not totally clear until you die the first time.


You can use focus points to increase your chances, but if you fail your weapon can break which will change the tide of the battle instantly. Random encounters in the world can rob you of precious health or experience, but also award you with unique equipment or buffs. As time passes while you progress through your adventure, the land slowly falls deeper into “Chaos” and the difficulty of your opponents increases.


Fun: 5
I enjoy this game, but the learning curve is higher than normal turn-based games. In similar games you typically run from one location to another without having to budget your movement. But in this game your movement on the map is measured in turns, and after so many turns the Chaos and difficulty increase. Personally I feel this adds a strategy component to the entire game compared to most turn-based games.


Receiving a quest, that you must complete it within 14 rounds before the Chaos increases

Receiving a quest, that you must complete it within 14 rounds before the Chaos increases

Replay: 5
Every time you play this game, the world around you changes and the unique dungeons and encounters move around the map. Since you are on a time budget you can’t do everything, you need to pick and choose to find the best equipment and experience you can while charging ahead to complete your quest. All those dungeons or mysteries you leave behind will have to be investigated by your next band of heroes on the next play through. Also, the list of Lore Items you unlock for your account will continue to grow to as the game evolves, so keep wandering and exploring to find that special item for your build!


Price: 6
I think as an early access game, with how much content and replay this game provides, this game is priced very well. At $14.99 for early access, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this game and supporting them keep the development of this game going.


Overall Score: 5.8 / 10