DUST514 – Uprising 1.9 review

Welcome back to another DUST514 Video by Booker DaLooker and Bamm Havoc, as they review Uprising 1.9, and recite Baldrik!
(guaranteed crayon-free video!)

It has been about a week, and time to talk about the now-absent stars in the sky, and the HD-awesome Character Screen.

Of course the only reason to be back is the pack of Officers Weapons, meaning no-one really noticed all the effort put in by CCP developers. CCP Zed has clearly helped, both with the Please Come Back package, the constant reminder to buy boosters, and the ridiculous “proto” APEX suits, that weren’t at all broken.

Same turd, different toilet bowl
Booker DaLooker

APEX Suites - Uprising 1.9

APEX Suits – Uprising 1.9

There are new sockets and new battlegrounds and all that jazz, but the game is still the same with Logi-tanks and cloaked shotgunners, and rightly so! Without the tanked Logi-suits, Booker just dies all the time.
Most impressive change is the very pretty Instant Match button, which has reduced the wait-time to just 5 minutes; an improvement from Scotty-Of-Old.

I’m actually gonna buy a PC, to play this game!
Bamm Havoc

The new stuff is nice, but there is a massive task ahead of CCP to go from the current boxes and bare landscapes to a Triple-A game; Legion has a long road ahead of it, if it is to become the game that tears all other shooters a new one.


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