DUST514 – The Proposal (Planetary Conquest)

Since its introduction to DUST514 and EVE:Online, Planetary Conquest (P.C.) has been billed as The End-Game Content for DUST514, and optional extra content for EVE:Online.

The full version of this Proposal is available here (PDF) – what follows below, is the introduction from that document.


514 Unfortunately, for various reasons, P.C. became the domain of the few; the largest and/or most dedicated corporations (corps), with the skills, dedication, ISK, or simply the willingness to utilise the most exploits and/or time zone inconveniences, who prevailed. This came to a point, where all districts were owned by a single corp. And thus exploited by those who wish to make huge ISK gains for practically no effort and in turn steamrolling public matches and causing grief with those ill gotten gains. At the height of this bad behaviour, some corps were making billions of ISK per week and potentially spreading that wealth between their few dozen members. Obviously this was detrimental to the overall economy and public matchmaking.


At the time of writing, district ownership has eased up a bit, being spread across 15 alliances, as well as a 35 non-allied corps, the majority of which hold a single district. This looks relatively healthy, but this setup only generates about 20-25% of the possible attacks, or about 50-odd/day from a brief review of public data.


Here is an attempt to answer the questions you posed at fanfest 2015 during the DUST514 roundtable.The main question we feel that needed answering was : Making planetary conquest lucrative, yet not exploitable to all.


The intent with this document is then to suggest a series of possible changes to DUST514’s P.C. construct, to increase both the number of battles (and other activity), as well as to extend the range of participation beyond the core corps.

These changes can be applied as a whole, as smaller sets or individually, depending on intent and desire.


Note: If such changes are successful in directing a larger amount of players towards P.C. participation, due to increased volume, adding a “meta-lock” (Meta-level limiter on gear in fittings) on Public Contracts become a viable way to avoid “proto-stomping”


This proposal is not a magic pill and will not cure all, it is just a proposal. The ideas expressed are from gamers who live and breathe DUST514. Some of these proposals require a complete revamp of their current mechanics taking them back to the base fundamentals, whilst others will require more Eve involvement and very minor U.I. changes. All in all P.C. is about the End Game for all players, for fun and profit.


We do feel a need to highlight that this work started before the new P.C.-related currencies of Black Market Kredits (BMK) and Command Points (CP) were first discussed. That particular thread from CCP appears to be focused purely on math and on balancing these 2 new currencies, and we have taken a different direction in this Proposal.


  •   * Diversify scope and participation in P.C. ownership
  •   * Add reasons for P.C. ownership, purpose to attacks
  •   * Increase number of daily P.C. battles by at least 100%
  •   * Extend the range of players, who can participate in P.C. battles
  •   * Extend P.C. combat options


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