DUST514 Fanfest

Yes, it is that time again in the EVE Online universe – EVE FanFest is approaching!

Only, this time CCP Games have taken the consequence on the last couple of years’ DUST514 Keynotes, and simply done away with everything DUST!

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In 2013, CCP held the DUST-Keynote-Of-Broken-Promises, and in 2014 they went for the (in)famous Rouge Wedding; in 2015, DUST’s presence has been reduced to an offline round-table between the DUST514 developers and the few mentally-questionable DUST-players that will actually attend the event. Even the player-elected CPM are not being shipped in, nor is there announced any get together with them and CCP in Shanghai, which has brought about some concerns from the player-base.


Here at Bammsters HQ we couldn’t help think that this is problematic, since it perpetuates the disconnect between CCP Games and the players, at least outside of the 0.1% of the players who visits the forums.


To counter this, we would like to propose our own (online) DUST FanFest!

We’ve gotten a few DUST514 Youtubers and advocates together, to stream DUST514 for a two or three days in the near future. Dates aren’t set yet, and we’re definitely open to include more people:


If you’re a DUST514 player, Youtuber or just a gamer with a PS3, participate! The more players we can get in this, the more fun we can have (simples!), and even if you’re not up to having your gameplay or chat streamed across the intertubes, we’re sure we can find someone for you to run with!


Now, this is where we’d like to extend an invite to CCP Games and the DUST514/Legion developers in Shanghai and Reykjavik: Join us!

Come, play with us (uhm), and the rest of your player-base – come chat, hang out, and let us have an informal discussion, and if you should happen to be ready share some news, all the more fun 🙂


As said, we’re still finalising details, but if you want to add anything, just reach out to any of the Bammsters, or any of the participants, and we’ll definitely read and react!


P.S. – If we get enough participation we will do our best to release more footage of CCP FoxFour playing football.