Destiny’s Vault of Glass – The 7th Chest

There are 7 chests in the Vault of Glass Raid!

Yes, players have found 5 chests so far, with 4 of them out in the open and the 5th only accessed by killing the Templar without him teleporting. But bear with me for a moment.

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Recently I have shown that there is another passage to the Templar challenge, just underneath where the first chest is located. Most think this is a jumping challenge of sorts but I am not so sure. The area is vast, and  has a lot of nooks and crannies to explore yet seems completely unused.
Now, going by how the 5th chest needing certain goals to be met before appearing, perhaps this area is where the 6th chest is meant to be, once triggered?

The sync plates outside of the Vault may need to be activated in a specific way, likely there is a criteria of not dying while defending the plates, or not losing them to the minotaurs, all to get a 6th chest to appear in this area.

A different idea is that the 6th chest might actually spawn in an area to the left of the disappearing platforms: Instead of jumping to the first platform, you jump left into a pathway that leads towards a dead Portal, and you end up just above it! From here, if you jump down from the end of the path, you will find a little cave in the side-wall and people seem to think that this could the location of the 6th chest.

Only headache is, you cannot get back out unless the chest contains a tiny super-sparrow, but perhaps instead this alcove is part of the trigger for a certain Portal?

Just past the Vault of Glass’ entrance there is a dead Portal in the distance and there is a set of disappearing platforms leading to it; Whatever oddity makes these appear, is unknown, but since the Templar is a trigger for the 5th chest, it is reasonable to think there is a trigger for these too.

Here is my thinking: Murder this Templar in the face, without dying or teleporting, without getting Fanatic Taint all over you and no sacrifices at any one the conflux towers, get through the Gorgon’s Lair without being seen, and finally get across the disappearing platforms without doing the whole Bambi-on-Ice thing, MIGHT just be what is needed for getting to the dead Portal. Then activating the gate may be another challenge altogether.

But then there’s the question of “But what do we do with this dead portal platform?”. Indeed, it is very difficult to actually get to. Interestingly, if you think back to some of the other chests, they appear on very similar portal platforms. Perhaps this portal in the disappearing platforms area of the map is not an objective to get to at all but rather a gate we come out of after activating a previous one?

The best candidate for such an entrance gate seems to be the one housing the Gorgon’s chest. This is perhaps the only good candidate as it will not break any level designs. Such a theory is further strengthened by the fact that there seem to be 2 disappearing platforms leading from this portal to Atheon’s door. I say “leading to” because it is almost impossible taking them in reverse order due to their disappearing sequence.

This dead portal platform may hold even more secrets. During one test jump towards it, Grit Breather hit the ground too hard and died. Nothing unusual with that until we all had a look at his Dinkle bot . For some reason it was in what looked like a long cave leading somewhere. As of yet we have not been able to actually find this cave again but it does seem to exist. Where does it lead? Perhaps that elusive extra chest.




Rarest of rare trophies – the Flawless Raid

So to the big questions: Why do i think there is a 7th chest? And what about the dead Portal on the outside of the vault?  And why have I set the bar so high?

We all know Bungie has a thing for the number 7, and it’s not that much of a stretch to think there are 7 chests in the Vault. and with just a liiiiittle bit more exploration of this new pathway there could very well be a sync plate that needs activating that would switch this dead gate on and then let player go through it to get to the 7th chest.

If so, to access it all 6 members must pass the high standards Bungie would have set for us to get this infamous 7th chest. The criteria proposed for these portals, paths and chests are very high and you are right in thinking that. Note how on the ultra rare trophy on PSN for flawless raid, less-than 0.1% of people currently playing destiny have achieved it; this is the level of gameplay Bungie might expect, before rewarding the final chest.

And if, after a Raid, you are sitting there wondering why you are not being whisked to orbit automatically – perhaps Bungie is trying to tell you to stop with the silly dancing, and actually finish the Vault.
These are only my thoughts and ideas and I am open to your comments and ideas so scribble something down in the comments section and hopefully we can figure this out ! Good Luck Vault Hunters…erhm….