Destiny : The Secrets Of Osiris

DFD : The Secrets Of Osiris

The House of Wolves DLC is almost upon us and instead of the usual raid with every DLC we are presented with a brand new PvP competitive challenge: The Trials Of Osiris, in conjunction with The Prison Of The Elders.

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A huge amount of flack hit the Destiny Developers, and Bungie as a whole, for the lack of a Raid in the House of Wolves DLC. My 10 cents worth on this subject is that a challenge is a challenge; Roll up your sleeves and get dirty. You have to be in it to win it, for the sweet kills and the even sweeter loot.

The Trails Of Osiris Armour Types

As stated by Deej (Community Manager),developers Derek Carroll (H.O.W. Design Lead), and Lars Bakken (Crucible Design Lead) during their recent Twitch stream The Trials Of Osiris is a team based PvP 3-3 competitive game mode where the matchmaking is based on your internet connection, not on your skill level. It runs every weekend from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday. The Trials Of Osiris is Destiny’s answer to E-Sports. However, only a few games have managed to dominate this multi-million dollar arena. Games such as League of Legends, DOTA2, Starcraft 2 along with 4 HALO titles are all in the top 50. E-Sports is huge, the cash prizes offered by sponsors is simply staggering and keep gamers coming back and a brilliant advertising tool for Bungie. So a quick summary of The Trials of Osiris: team based combat, build your own team, matchmaking with opponents based on a good connection, win matches to earn sweet loot, revive your teammates, power matters, bring your best gear, launch maps to start off with new maps to follow and E-Sports.


But enough about that, we are all here for the Secrets of Osiris:

The first pharaoh king of Egypt and god of resurrection. So a little history on the Ancient Egyptian God Osiris : Osiris was usually portrayed as a bearded, mummified human with greenEgyptian god of the dead and mummification. skin and wearing the Atef Crown. His hands emerge from the mummy wrappings and hold the flail and crook.
The oldest religious texts refer to Osiris as the Great God of Death, Life, Resurrection and the Afterlife, and he once possessed human form and lived on earth as the first pharaoh king. He was a god-king who is believed to have given Egypt civilization. Osiris saw that the Egyptians were barbarous cannibals and uncivilized and he was greatly disturbed. Therefore, he went out among the people and taught them what to eat, the art of agriculture, how to worship the gods, and gave them laws. Ultimately, Osiris was brutally murdered by his jealous brother Seth, who wanted his throne .


Ok, I hear you all asking. What has this got to do with us gamers? And what does this have to do with Destiny.
There are certain parallels that can be drawn between the DLC, specifically The Trials Of Osiris and Ancient Egyptian Mythology, so keep up now, this is where it gets interesting.

The epic tale of Osiris and Seth is central to Egyptian creation mythology. According to ancient scripts Seth grew jealous of OsirisEgyptian god of destruction and chaos.  and plotted against the popular ruler wanting his throne from himself. Seth murdered Osiris and scattered his remains across the deserts of Egypt and usurped Osiris’s throne.

Isis, Osiris’ wife, found his remains and reassembled them. Isis, along with Anubis bound Osiris in linen cloth and resurrected the deposed ruler. Shortly after his revival Isis gave birth to Horus. Soon after Horus’s birth Osiris dies once more and assumes the responsibilities of lord of the underworld from Anubis.

Horus sought revenge against Seth for the brutal murder of his father, and during one of the epic battles between these two gods, Seth gouged out Horus’s left eye. Horus ultimately won the battle and banished Seth to the deserts of Egypt for eternity. The god of wisdom, Thoth, restored Horus’s eye after their great battle and it is believe to have set the phases of the moon as it was known as the “Moon Eye”. The eye of Horus was also seen as the watchful eye. The eye saw everything and protected the world from danger and threatening chaos.


Woow, this Egyptology stuff has more plot twists in it than Game of Thrones.

Ok so now we have had a very brief history lesson and learned a thing or two. Here is how it applies to the latest DLC and the Trials Of Osiris.

Osiris Banner

The “Eye Of Horus” is quite prominent throughout the Trials and across all armour class types.It stands to reason the Eye Of Horus will serve the Guardians of Destiny well, keeping us from harm within the trials, warding off the darkness and protecting us from danger and chaos.


Trials Of Osiris: Hunter Armor " The Watcher"The Hunter armour class is known as “The Watcher”, which is a clever nod to the ever watchful “Eye Of Horus”. The hood of the hunter’s cloak sits similar to those of the ancient pharaohs, the blade on the hunters left forearm wrapped in linen with the hilt and pommel exposed is similar to a cobra adorned by egyptian royalty and, as we know, Osiris was the first pharaoh king. Further evidence of this pointing to Osiris is that he was mummified with only his head and hands exposed similar to the hunter’s armour. The hunter armour is a clever representation of Osiris himself.


Trials Of Osiris: Warlock Armour "The Exile"The Warlock armour class is known as “The Exile” and bears a remarkable resemblance to a jackal. Anubis (The jackal headed god) is the ancient egyptian god of the mummification, the dead and the dying. The developers have depicted “The Helm of The Exile” as resembling Anubis, despite it was Anubis’ father, Seth, and later brother, Horus, who were exiled. A rather curious mistake from the developers, perhaps?. The name of warlock armour class “The Exile” is a silent nod to the ancient god Seth. Seth was exiled by Horus to the ancient deserts of Egypt after an epic battle between the two, according to these old scripts.


Trials Of Osiris : Titan Armor "The Exile"The Titan armour class is also known as “The Exile”, but for very different reasons to the Warlocks. The Titans armour is strikingly similar to Horus himself, both “The Helm of The Exile” and Horus share characteristics of falcons and has been done rather well by the developers. The name of the armour class however “The Exile” is different from that of the Warlocks. According to the ancient texts of egyptian mythology Seth exiled Horus to the deserts of ancient egypt. This as well as the murder of his father Osiris spurred Horus to seek revenge against Seth, Horus who ultimately won and later exiled Seth to the very deserts Seth exiled Horus.


The Summoner Auto RifleJust a few quick side notes : The warlock armour has a motif on the left shoulder similar to the titans helm. The general thinking is that it could be direct reference to both Anubis and Horus being brothers, but perhaps it is simply there for design aesthetics and badassery.
An honourable mention is the auto rifle named “The Summoner”, in reference to the God of Creation, Atum, who simply willed himself into being, and created the other gods, whom we will come back to next time.


The Destiny Developers have done rather well in depicting these ancient mythological gods Osiris, Anubis, Horus, and Atum in the new loot designs. There are well thought-out nods towards Seth, and his story with Horus, which is quite well done; the developers seem to have done their homework on this subject. This tale of good versus evil, light versus dark, was one of the first in recorded history and seems fitting that Destiny lift their designs from these mythological tales, as we have been forged from the Light to do battle against the Darkness.

The Trials of Osiris will be the proving ground for many a gamer, a place to test our mettle and become worthy of the name, GUARDIAN.





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