Destiny: 1 Man Raid Entry – Crota’s End

Welcome Guardians, Smurf here. Any of you lone wolves out there finding it tough to get a group together, you can now solo the first section of Crota’s End Raid. By following my lead in the video above, this section can be completed in little over 6 mins.

All you need is a Titan with Defender class.

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First I would advise waiting for your super to build up a little bit before you venture into the darkness, you’ll need it later. Run all the way to the second Lamp and be sure to activate it. Get to the rock on the other side of the lamp and position yourself as seen in the video. Enemies cant see you from there and run right past. Crouch and wait for that thing to blow and the explosion will catapult you across the map on top a ledge ┬áto the left of the spawn.

From here on its easy but a little slow. Head back towards spawn and keep following the edge of the platform. You will then come to another lamp which you need to lose the Weight of Darkness. Be sure to creep forward just enough as not to alert the Hive Knight guarding it. Once you’ve shed that weight you can continue running past the Knight, up the hill and keeping to the left near the edge. Don’t worry about that Knight following you, he either gives up or is thrown back by the lamp explosion.

As before keep to the left following the edge and you will come to the bridge you will need to activate and cross to finish this section. Head straight to the lamp, to the right of the ringed platform and again lose that weight. ┬áStand back and wait for the lamp to blow and then activate the bridge by standing on the ring. As soon as the bridge Starts building look back at the broken lamp and get to the small rock to the right of it. You’re safe here as the thralls and Knights run past and wander off.

You now need to wait for bridge to form. Two Ogres will now spawn and they can see you. Wait for as long as you can before taking too much damage to activate your bubble of luv and wait for the rest of the bridge to finish.

As soon the ”The Path Forward is Clear” run to the bridge and get to the light. Finishing the section and getting yourself some nice gear and materials.