A CPM Discussion

A CPM Discussion


Kicking off the new year, and the 2nd year since DUST514 opened its doors to the public, we sat down a few of the members of the Council of Planetary Management (CPM) to talk about their activities, DUST514 and the future.


The Questions asked where both from the community and myself; there were no less than 103 questions delivered to me via Playstation messages, in-game messages, and via Skype. Now, a lot of folks wanted to know the same things, more or less, so we took the liberty to reduce it a bit, and threw in a couple of our own.

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Unfortunately, we were only able to round up 3 of the current CPMs due to life and obligations, and with so few CPMs being present, I was unable to ask all these questions, and instead selected a few “easy ones”; I had to push for certain answers as the CPM did not want to answer them

  • – Do the CPM still play DUST514
  • – Why is there such low morale in DUST514
  • – Why is it a 1 way flow of traffic to the Devs, or rather from the Devs
  • – Do the CPM feel that you are a valuable resource to the community and to CCP
  • – What are you guys doing to inform the rest of the 99% of the community that the CPM exist and what are you doing to represent them
  • – Why Do the CPM Troll the community
  • – What is happening at FanFest for DUST514 and Legion
  • – When do you think DUST 514 will be shut down


These questions are tough ones and I would like to thank the CPM members for answering them, openly and directly.


What follows here, is a brief review of the chat – for the full thing, click the link above, but be warned: there is an hour’s worth of discussion; Beer and Bacon is advised !


Of cause, the first question was whether the CPM still actually play the game, which comes on the heels of a prolonged concern in the louder parts of the DUST514 community, about CPM members going AWOL. Life happens, as does snowboarding and other non-DUST514 activities, and that only to be expected. Families take precedence, but one does not simply amass many tens of millions of Skill Points (SP), without playing, and the CPM knows this.


Without delving too much on whether there is a morale-issue in the wider DUST514 community, a valid point is certainly that the forums do not encompass the greater community, but instead a more vocal minority. One way the CPM members address this, is to talk to players in-game, e.g. while squading up with them, there-by getting a broader view.


I was not really sure how to take their replies about the flows of information, as it revealed a very different structure to what I believed to be the case. The Devs are responsible for the communication between the community and themselves with the CPM being used as a good idea, bad idea filter. It does become obvious that CCP focusing on the forums results in communication being limited to the aforementioned vocal minority.


Just as many of the 103 questions were about CPM’s continued involvement in the actual game, several revolved about CPM’s value to both the players and the developers. Their efforts over the past 8 months or so have made some serious headway into what DUST514 is and have helped CCP filter out some seriously bad ideas. Sadly no examples could be given as it would break the NDA but, both CCP Ratatouille and CCP Frame have said the CPM are instrumental and help them deliver a better game.

Ultimately, though, for the CPM to help the players, the player-base has to help themselves, and participate in discussions; having only the 1% of current Forum-dwellers, is not enough to facilitate proper communication.


On the matter of communication, New Eden is a place of trolling, and naturally the CPM are just players and give in to counter-trolling a troll, or calling out bad ideas, even where we might think they should keep themselves above it. That said, the style and tactic of many is to just simply ignore them outright.


The past statement from CCP, that there will be round tables for DUST514 and Legion but no keynote, was reiterated.There will be a CPM presence but the CPM will actually be paying for themselves to get to FanFest, so our interests and pubcrawl flag will remain in safe hands.
Finally, following the incidents at last FanFest, and server-shutdowns late in 2014, we pressed the question of how long the CPM thinks there will still be a game called DUST514.  Ultimately, they all agreed on it being years from now, before stating that it would be a few hours after the interview.