Project Legion Showing Up In Hollywood Movie As EVE:Legion

Late friday this week, news broke on the DUST514 forums of the newly released movie John Wick, starring monoemotional actor Keanu Reeves, showing footage from what looked like DUST514 or Project Legion.
(Story updated Oct 27th)

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The story initially came from a player named “Bunker 0009”, but has later been confirmed by other players both on the forums and on twitter.

They didnt show very much besides some ads fire from an assault plasma rifle melting some clones but the shield effects were cool and it was really was fun to see it on a really big screen.
Bunker 0009

A player, who is Not Jadek Menaheim, found a line in the Production Notes for John Wick that confirmed this is in fact from Project Legion, only under a more official-sounding name:
EVE: Legion gameplay footage used with permission. © 2014 CCP hf. All rights reserved. “CCP”, “EVE: Legion”, and “EVE Online” are trademarks or registered trademarks of CCP in the United States and other jurisdictions.

This comes just a couple of weeks after CCP Games made sure to state that, “Project Legion is not an official game yet.” in a DUST514 Dev-Blog. Perhaps someone forgot to tell Lionsgate, that it is not called EVE:Legion, and is not yet a game?


Ca 70 minutes in, the movie reportedly show 2 men, described as “two Russian Thug types duking it out with an assault riffle” [sic], sitting on a couch playing with controllers on a TV. This naturally caused speculation whether the game is coming to a console platform, e.g. the Playstation 4, and whether it is in a playable state.

With the project reported by CCP and the CPM0 as being based on DUST514 code, and their heavily modified Unreal3 engine, it seems perfectly reasonable that the game is indeed in a playable pre-alpha state, but it is very likely that the footage shows pre-recorded game-footage.

As for the use of controllers, CCP Rouge has on a few occasions stated that Project Legion is for PC, and consoles will only be considered later, after a possible launch on Windows. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for movies to specifically portray gaming as being on consoles and casual, while PC gaming is reserved for cases where a more “nerdy” character is being portrayed.

Keanu Reeves stars as John Wick

Keanu Reeves stars as John Wick in “JOHN WICK”


The “player” was aiming down the sights of what was obviously an Assault Rifle, which of course made it hard to see his surroundings. He was shooting at a basic caldari assault, and getting kill assists. The sound really jumped out at me, because the AR did not sound quite like it does in Dust. 
Darth-Carbonite GIO


Project Legion is not the only Gaming tie-in for Lionsgate’s John Wick. As Variety reported earlier this month, the character has been released as a free download for the game Payday 2 by 505 Games. These steps mark a continuation of Lionsgate adventure to tap into the rising popularity of video games.

Update, 27/10:
After the release of the movie, still-images and a video-clip have leaked showing the game-footage used in the movie, including what appears to be an Xbox 360 controller. As Xbox controllers are compatible with Windows PCs, this is still in line with CCP Games’ earlier statement about initially only supporting that platform and not consoles.

John Wick was released October 24th in theaters in the USA and select countries, October 30th in the UK, by Lionsgate.