Rated-R – When The Moon Hits Your Eye (051)

First episode of 2017 and we have a special guest from Germany, Pascal Müller of Mooneye, here to talk about their upcoming game Lost Ember and how they blew away Kickstarter. Also this episode, we look briefly at Bamm’s Google Plus feed.

For some reason we look at the most recent stuff in Bamm’s Google Plus feed, which results in talking about Paragon, Subarus and HTC…

Special Guest: Pascal Müller, Mooney Studios
Last year, Pascal and the team at Mooneye got ready to go into their Kickstarter as they reached their preliminary goal of having 5000 subscribers to their mailing-list. They went in asking for 100.000 Euro, but ended up with 3 times that amount. Of cause, we asked them how they achieved this at a time where pledging on kickstarter is down across all areas.

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Rated-R – When The Moon Hits Your Eye (051)

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