Bammsters Mission Statement

Welcome one and all.


The Bammster Mission Statement is a simple one: Games. This is our own little corner of the internet, away from those that seek to change what games and gaming are. What’s that you might ask? Fun would be the answer. Here at Bammsters there is no agenda, just folks looking for a good time, which is key. This is our hobby and hopefully yours as well;  somewhere to go to unwind after a long-arse day at work with a beer or cider of your choice and a bacon sandwich and immerse yourselves into a world of giggles,laughs and epic battles in whatever fps, mmo or rpg you’re fond of. Nothing else matters! Feel free to join in and share with us your epic battles, laughs, trolls, beer and dont forget the great bacon debate: Smoked or unsmoked.


We have had a lot of fun with the melting pot of ideas building this inner superweb highway site; yes, its still under construction so wear your hard hat around here as many things are not finished, but we will get there and get there we will. Creating content, having somewhat meaningful/drunk discussions about games and it is all in good fun and for our enjoyment and if you have thoughts, ideas or an interesting tidbit of random information about bacon, beer or cider please share after all, sharing is caring and we do care.


Enough about the 3 major food groups for now, we here at Bammsters don’t speak from 1 thoughtless zombie hive mind, we all have our own ideas and opinions about games and they are solely our own and not diluted with delusional agendas; we have a serious analytical mind with a head for figures, a keen eye for detail and hair like a spaniel, G_Torq. We also have a grumpy old git left over from the dark ages of when games were first being made, with a face like a smacked bum and a cracking sense of humour,BookerDaLooker and last but not least we have BAMM HAVOC the youngest of the 3, often drunk, always up for a laugh and widely considered the village idiot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The BAMMSTERS